First Glance at Adrienne Von Speyr

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This second edition of von Balthasar's book is a personal introduction to Adrienne von Speyr, a contemporary Swiss convert, mystic, wife, medical doctor, prolific spiritual writer, and co-foundress with Balthasar of a secular institute. Fr. von Balthasar, her spiritual director for 27 years, includes an appraisal of her contributions to theology and spirituality, a complete bibliography, her prayers, and passages from her more than sixty books.

This book contains three main sections. In the first, three subdivisions offer: 1) a short account of Adrienne's life; 2) a description of her charism and of her most important theological concerns; 3) an overview of her published and unpublished works.

The second section presents a collection of some enlightening statements that Adrienne made about herself which illuminate and vivify her exterior as well as her hidden, interior life from varying angles and which also clearly indicate where she herself put the greatest emphasis and how she herself wished to be understood. A third section contains prayers she herself wrote which best reveal her spirit.

Publication Date: 
March 22, 2017