First Grade Numbers in the Real World (Sylvan Workbooks)

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First Grade Numbers in the Real World (Sylvan Workbooks)
Learn real-world math skills, including the basics about time, money, and measurement, with fun activities based on Sylvan's proven techniques for success!Success in math requries children to make connections between the real world and math concepts in order to solve problems. Extra practice can help young problem solvers advance to more complext topics with confidence. The activities in this workbook are designed to help children see how math skills are relevant in their daily lives. Best of all, they'll have lots of fun! Here's a peek at what's inside: AMUSEMENT ADVENTURESChildren practice addition skills by adding the number of tickets needed to go on different pairs of amusement park rides, from pirate ships to roller coasters.JUGGLING JELLYJohn, Jan, and Jason love to juggle jelly jars. Children reinforce counting skills by determining the number of jelly jars each juggler is juggling.BUTTON UPHow many buttons long is your pencil? How many batteries tall is Electrogirl? Measuring length and height with nonstandard units is a fun introduction to measurement skills.ZOO STARS ... AND MORELearning to decipher picture graphs helps children see the real-life applications of working with data such as comparing favorite animals from a trip to the zoo, favorite sports, or the number of children who share a birthday each month.Give your child's confidence in math a boost with "First Grade Numbers in the Real World"!
Publication Date: 
January 20, 2012