First Grade Reading & Math Workout

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2 BOOKS IN 1--based on Sylvan's proven techniques for success!

A solid foundation in basic math and reading skills is essential for first-grade success. The teacher-reviewed, curriculum-based activities and exercises in this workbook will help children catch up, keep up, and develop a love of learning--and best of all, they'll have lots of fun doing it! Some of the great features you'll find inside this workbook include:

MAZE CRAZY! To get through a maze, children need to connect pictures of words with the same beginning sound, short vowel, or long vowel.

DETECTIVE WORK. Children read a story and look for clues to predict what will happen next to practice reading-comprehension skills.

IT TAKES TWO. "Adding up" pairs of pictures to make a new work helps reinforce the concept of compound words.

GET IN LINE. Using number lines to fill in missing numbers and skip count by 2, 5, and 10 reinforces number patterns.

GIVE ME A HAND. Children practice telling time in hours and half-hours by drawing hour and minute hands on clocks.

CHART SMART. Determining how many people like pizza versus hamburgers, playing hockey versus soccer, or enjoying different books provides fun ways to add to and subtract from 20.

Give your first grader's grades and confidence a boost with 1st Grade Reading & Math Workout!

Publication Date: 
December 23, 2014