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- The images by Turkish photographer Aydin Büyüktas are literally mind-bending - After going viral, and attracting international press attention, they're now available here, in book-format, for the first time "Aydin Büyüktas' photographs are a bit like the first plunge on a rollercoaster. The scene plummets away from you, leaving you disoriented yet giddy and just a bit unsettled as you try to make sense of just what you're seeing" - WIRED "Büyüktas creates Inception-like scenes by warping Istanbul's cityscapes" - Saatchi Gallery "Aydin Büyüktas bends brains with dizzyingly distorted views of American landscapes." - Designboom An American football pitch as a skateboard ramp and the Aya Sofia as a rollercoaster: the images by Turkish photographer Aydin Büyüktas are literally mind-bending. After going viral, they are now finally also available in book format, including entirely new images and a making-of, which shows the photographer's working methods with drone technology. His brainchild Flatland is named after Edwin Abbott Abbott's satire book about a two-dimensional world populated by geometric figures, from which certain parts have been included in this book.
Publication Date: 
November 19, 2018