Flight from Creation

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Flight from Creation
""I have always sought to choose topics that throw light on the integrating function of the Christian faith in human life as a whole. For this reason I have felt that the modern tendency to cut the church off from ordinary human life is the most profound theological tragedy of our time."" This statement by noted by Swedish theologian Gustaf Wingren reflects his independence from the primary train of theological thought in the twentieth century. Where many other theologians, following the lead of Karl Barth, have centered their theologies around the second article of the Apostles' Creed, Wingren has re-emphasized the first article in an attempt to recover the theological importance of the doctrine of creation. Wingren's view, developed in faithfulness to the church's theology, is consonant with the increasing demands that world concerns and problems that are placing on the church. It makes a place for the church within the world, not apart from it; and it opens up the doors of the church to meet life's problems on their own ground. Developed from a series of lectures at the Contemporary Theology Institute in Montreal, this is an important theological work. Here Wingren explores another facet of a theme that he has consistently maintained in his writing. The critical dialog with prominent theologians of recent years develops a strong case for the doctrine of creation as a basic context for theology and leaves no doubt as to which direction the church should move. Gustaf Wingren (1910-2000) was Professor of Systematic Theology at Lund from 1951 to 1977. His other books include The Living Word and Creation and Law.
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May 30, 2019