The Flying Light
Enter a mystical world where a man and his strange pet lizard attempt to lure luminous flying creatures to their town. Through innovative wordless storytelling and wonderfully detailed panel illustrations that invite children to use their imagination, this story will light up the lives of those in search of direction and allow each reader to interpret it according to their own unique vision of the world. "Success! ... Readers will hope there's more wonder to come." --Publishers Weekly (U.S.) "An imperfect ride, yet sure to stir the imagination nonetheless." --Kirkus Reviews (U.S.) "Fans of graphic novels will be impressed by the intricate illustrations in this fantasy." --School Library Journal (U.S.) "Recommended. ... The wordless picture book and accompanying intriguing illustrations invite readers to use their imaginations, to ponder over the deeper meanings, to see a moral to the story which they can understand. Within their view of the world this story can apply to understanding a concept, making friends, understanding environmental concerns, looking at the needs of animals, the list is endless." --ReadPlus (U.K.)
Publication Date: 
February 1, 2019