The Foodhall Cookbook: For The Love of Food

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The Foodhall Cookbook: For The Love of Food
- 75 star chefs share their recipes in this the first cookbook from India's food superstore Foodhall A premium lifestyle food superstore for people who understand and enjoy the finer nuances and aspects of food, Foodhall presents its first cookbook. Curated by one of the finest food and ingredients stores in India, this book presents 75 recipes from around the world shared by star chefs - from modern European to Asian, contemporary Indian to Mediterranean, and not-to-be-missed dream desserts - as well as the food philosophy of each region. It is a celebration of the never-ending love for food that defines Foodhall's mission. Contents: Modern European; Asian; Contemporary India; Mediterranean; Desserts; About the Chefs.
Publication Date: 
September 1, 2018