Foreign Babes in Beijing:Behind the Scenes of a New China

Foreign Babes in Beijing:Behind the Scenes of a New China
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Determined to broaden her cultural horizons and live a fiery life, twenty-one-year-old Rachel DeWoskin hops on a plane to Beijing to work for an American PR firm based in the busy capital. Before she knows it, she is not just exploring Chinese culture but also creating it as the sexy, aggressive, fearless Jiexi, the starring femme fatale in a wildly successful Chinese soap opera. Experiencing the cultural clashes in real life while performing a fictional version onscreen, DeWoskin forms a group of friends with whom she witnesses the vast changes sweeping through China as the country pursues the new maxim, to get rich is glorious. In only a few years, China s capital is transformed. With considerable cultural and linguistic resources ("The New Yorker"), DeWoskin captures Beijing at this pivotal juncture in her intelligent, funny memoir ("People"), and readers will feel lucky to have sharp-eyed, yet sisterly, DeWoskin sitting in the driver s seat ("Elle")."
Publication Date: 
April 17, 2006

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