Forest Friends

Forest Friends
Being good stewards of the Earth is more important today than ever before, and Forest Friends brings that message to life for children with simple, concise prose and beautiful imagery.

Forest Friends
immerses children in the breathtaking scenery of Earth's verdant forests, and provides a deeper understanding of the many different animals that live in these pastoral wildernesses.

Comprised of colorful photographs and brief, engaging captions, Forest Friends is a great tool for parents seeking to instill in their children a love for the woods, animals and nature. Young or old, readers will love the interesting photographs, while the cute animals and vibrant visuals excite the imagination to new heights!

Forest Friends is a simple book with a simple message: nature is a wild, wonderful thing, worthy of respect and protection. Whether reading with children or students, Forest Friends is a book meant to be shared with everyone!


The Kubu(TM) series educates children about the rich and varied environments the world has to offer, instilling in them a love for the beauty of nature and the land.

Publication Date: 
March 26, 2019