The Formation of Marx's "Capital"

The Formation of Marx's "Capital"
Although considered one of the most influential books of the past two centuries, Marx's Capital has remained an incomplete project. Using new archival material available in English for the first time, Marcello Musto revives the international debate on the unfinished nature of Marx's revolutionary work on the 150th anniversary of its first publication. The Formation of Marx's "Capital" reconstructs the stages of Marx's critique of political economy in the light of newly available excerpts and preparatory manuscripts in order to provide the most complete account available on the formation of his thought.

Did Engels oversimplify Marx? How limiting were the Marxist-Leninist readings? And is it possible to produce a new reading of Marx for our time? Musto answers all of these questions and more. He also explores Marx's 1850's journalism for the New York Tribune, within which Marx dealt with topics beyond those explored in Capital. This is the first serious work in English based on the newly published German-language Marx-Engels-Gesamtausgabe, which includes new excerpts and preparatory manuscripts. Ultimately, Musto's offers an original, distinctive, and authoritative study of the genesis of Marx's thought, with important implications for both Marxist studies and the refounding of critical thought that aims to transform the present.

Publication Date: 
July 15, 2018