FORTNITE (Official): Battle Journal

Available for Special Order
FORTNITE (Official): Battle Journal
Keep track of your stats, get creative, and take your game to the next level with Epic Games' ONLY official logbook, including full-color illustrations and featuring the authentic Fortnite holographic seal.
Record your progress and see how your game evolves and improves! With space to list everything from the names of your squad members to the contents of your locker, the Battle Journal will chronicle your road to glory.
You'll be able to:
  • STAY ON TOP OF YOUR STATS!: Figure out which landing zones and strategies gain you the most success!
  • FOLLOW YOUR DAILY PROGRESS: Post your key stats and list all the loot you've picked up along the way.
  • CREATE CUSTOMIZATIONS: Design your own Outfits, weapons, and plot future maneuvers.

  • Track your goals, look back on your greatest achievements, and plan for the future. Don't miss your chance to become a Battle Royale legend!
    Publication Date: 
    May 7, 2019