Fragments of a World

Fragments of a World
The first modern biography of medieval French scholar and bishop William of Auvergne.

Today, William of Auvergne (1180?-1249) is remembered for his scholarship about the afterlife as well as the so-called Trial of the Talmud. But the medieval bishop of Paris also left behind nearly 600 sermons delivered to all manner of people--from the royal court to the poorest in his care. In Fragments of a World, Lesley Smith uses these sermons to paint a vivid picture of this extraordinary cleric, his parishioners, and their bustling world. The first modern biography of the influential teacher, bishop, and theologian, Fragments of a World casts a new image of William of Auvergne for our times--deeply attuned to both the spiritual and material needs of an ever-changing populace in the medieval city.

Publication Date: 
June 5, 2023