Garden Journal: My Planting History, Successes & Ideas

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The ultimate source for everything you need to know about soil, plants, and pests - your own garden!

Gardening is many things to many people. Whether you are growing potatoes, hostas, or roses, it is a pastime that has one common theme: trial-and-error.

With every passing season gardeners discover new plants that work beautifully and also must resign themselves to admitting that others just will not flourish in their garden. They encounter new pests and strange diseases and discover clear ways to combat them. They observe weather patterns and make subtle conclusions about their soil and which fertilizers give the biggest boost.

And, too often, they forget. The Garden Journal offers a solution, a journal where the fruits of each season of trial-and-error can be recorded to get a head start on next year.

Garden Journal is divided into seven chapters that help you organize your gardening adventure for easy reference and prompt you to consider your successes and failures in a helpful way. It features well-chosen tips and suggestions to help you improve your gardening knowledge and success.

It also includes two sturdy envelopes permanently affixed to the back cover so you can store seeds packets, markers, and even a dead bug or two for future reference. Bound in tough and washable leatherette, this garden journal is ready and waiting to accompany you right out into the field so you can make your entries right where it counts - even if your hands are a bit dirty!

Publication Date: 
October 3, 2016