Gender-Based Violence in Mexico: Narratives, the State and Emancipations

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Gender-Based Violence in Mexico: Narratives, the State and Emancipations

This book examines the roots of systemic aggression against women in contemporary Mexico, and the connection between social practices and the institutional permissiveness of the Mexican State with regard to gendered violence.

Since the democratic transition at the end of the 1990s, Mexico has registered an increase in the intensity and types of violence that have made life in some regions almost unsustainable. The chapters in this volume consider that capitalism, colonialism and patriarchy are interrelated processes that employ the technologies of gender and race as a continuation of the symbolic hegemony that treats feminized and racialized bodies as disposable. Against this background, it becomes necessary to understand from different dimensions the systemic violence against women as well as the processes of articulation between social practices and the permissiveness of the State in the face of aggression. Gender-Based Violence in Mexico mobilizes a dialogue between writings, fields of knowledge, causes and situations as essential tools for the struggle against gender violence. As a situated work that underlines the systematic roots of the violence that keeps women in subaltern positions, the text seeks an insurrection, an uprising of the bodies that invite naming the abject, peripheral and unseen populations of the project of globalized life, woven by the obsession of success and prestige. It presents a counter-conclusion in the manner of a beginning in the desire to elaborate counter-political and counter-pedagogical strategies of non-coercive experiences, where questions and debates are not a sign of belligerence but of vitality and care for the body-territories.

Gender-Based Violence in Mexico will appeal to scholars of sociology, criminology, gender and Latin American studies with interests in gendered violence and injustice.

Publication Date: 
July 14, 2023