George se resfria (Peppa Pig)

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George se resfria (Peppa Pig)
George gets a visit from the doctor after he catches a cold in the rain. Based on the hit animated TV show as seen on Nick Jr.

Peppa and George love to play outside in the rain, but George does not want to wear his rain hat. He has a great time jumping in muddy puddles with Peppa--but then he catches a cold! It's time for a visit from Dr. Brown Bear. How long will it take for George to feel better? A Peppa y a George les encanta jugar bajo la lluvia, pero a George no le gusta ponerse su sombrero impermeable. Juega tanto rato bajo la lluvia, que termina resfriándose. Muy pronto, lo verá el doctor. Cuánto tiempo le tomará a George ponerse bien?
Publication Date: 
December 26, 2017