Georgii Krutikov: The Flying City and Beyond

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In 1927, while a student of architecture at the Moscow Vhutemas, Georgii Krutikov presented a vision for a flying city. More than just a flight of architectural fancy, Krutikov s flying city was a utopian dream, a plan to solve the seemingly intractable problems of overcrowding and resource depletion by moving humanity s living quarters to space. Inspired in equal parts by sci-fi dreams of space travel and the revolutionary idealism that still percolated in the Soviet Union at that time, Krutikov created an incredible amount of detailed information about his city: sketches, drawings, plans, and more.
Krutikov s flying city has been cited as a major influence on Russian modernism for decades, yet little has been written about the design, its creator, or his subsequent architectural career. This beautifully illustrated book fills that gap, presenting a detailed study of Krutikov s scheme and its underlying ethos, then tracing Krutikov s later work as an architect. It will interest and amaze all fans of the avant-garde, architecture, and Russian history.
Publication Date: 
November 15, 2015