Get Ready For School Games: Four of a Kind

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Containing 40 cards based on animals, vehicles, and types of food, Four of a Kind includes instructions on how to play memory and timed challenges based on sorting objects into groups and collecting cards into sets; plus a book provides further instructions to enhance the games, creating new experiences for the players.

Supporting the PBS KIDS mission, these boxes of game cards are designed to support children's learning development through the early years. The guiding early learning developmental milestones of school readiness inform the content, supporting parents as they get a child ready for school.

Each box includes 40 photographic cards and instructions to play a range of two-player games with ideas of games that a child can play to learn key skills. The colorful photographic cards will inspire and develop a confident, curious, and capable child. Parents will love playing these games with their kids.

Publication Date: 
September 1, 2015