Get Ready for School Writing Skills

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Better writing skills help children do their best in any subject. Get Ready for School Writing Skills goes beyond improved letter formation to make sentence structure, word types, punctuation, and storytelling easy and fun. Includes a dri-erase pen and board for self-expression.
Designed in full-color for children from first to third grade, Get Ready for School Writing Skills provides pages of do-it-myself activities so that your child can learn how put together a sentence, a paragraph, and a story. As your child writes, essential concepts regarding punctuation, sentence structure, parts of speech, and more complex ideas will become familiar and even fun.
As your child explores these pages, the colorful worksheets introduce three types of writing (narrative, opinion, and informative) and provide graphic organizers. As a bonus, the perforated pages can be assembled into an "all about me" book that's personal to each young writer. Get Ready for School Writing Skills is designed to go with your family wherever you go, complete with wipe-away practice space and pen. Write on!
Publication Date: 
May 30, 2017