Ghost Rider: The War for Heaven Book 1

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Ghost Rider: The War for Heaven Book 1
We're hell-bent and heaven-bound as Jason Aaron blazes a new trail for the Ghost Rider! Over the years, Johnny Blaze has lost everything to his curse - his family, his life...even his soul. But now, he finally knows who's responsible for turning him into a flaming-skulled horror-show on wheels - and he's out for vengeance! But when his fellow Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch, returns, whose side is he on? What familiar faces has Ketch brought to the party with him? And who is about to get shot in the head with a hellfire shotgun? Plus, meet the mysterious Mister Eleven - he might be an angel, a demon or something else entirely! And what secrets lay within the town of Mercy, Idaho? Grab your helmet; it's gonna be one hell of a ride! COLLECTING: GHOST RIDER (2006) 20-32, GHOST RIDER ANNUAL (2007) 1-2, GHOST RIDER SAGA
Publication Date: 
March 5, 2019