Girls Rule
Inspiring Stories of Independent Women, Women Leaders, and Women Power

Women are unstoppable when they break down prejudices, overturn clichés, and raise their voices for women's liberation. Girls Rule is a collection that embraces women power by showcasing the extraordinary lives of women leaders who broke past unfair social standards placed on women.

Women power is the future. Women are taking over the world. They're dreaming big and aiming for a better future all while tapping into their divine feminine energy. Empowering books for women are essential. For every story there is a lesson that leads us towards a more equitable future.

  • Breaking barriers across the world. Indomitable and brave, these strong women are the protagonists of a revolution destined to change humanity through women power. These women inspire action, resilience, and hope for readers of all ages and genders who believe the future is female.
  • Inside Girls Rule, you'll find:

  • Inspiration to tackle inequality issues facing women on a global scale one step at a time
  • Stories of success and excellence that highlight the importance of intersectionality in today's modern feminism
  • Personal accounts of women power achieved by feminist icons in the face of resistance such as Emma Watson, Michelle Obama, Billie Eilish, Amanda Gorman, and many others
  • If you feel empowered by books about women leaders like Extraordinary Women In History, The Book of Awesome Girls, or Strong Women, you'll love Girls Rule.

    Publication Date: 
    September 13, 2022