Give a Gift to the Seminary Co-op

Give to the Seminary Co-op Bookstores and help keep a unique and vital cultural treasure vibrant for generations to come.

In 2019, the Seminary Co-op became the first not-for-profit bookstore in the country whose mission is bookselling. The Seminary Co-op’s “product,” if you will, has always been the browsing experience created by our unwavering commitment to stocking and selling books of cultural, literary, and intellectual value. We recognize that, in addition to purchasing books, most of our customers patronize our bookstores in order to interact with a space dedicated to books – a space, as Aleksandar Hemon writes, “where nothing except books seems to exist fully, where everything else is either not important or already in the books.”

Gifts to the Co-op will allow us to continue to invest in the browsing experience rather than overly concern ourselves with the vagaries of the market at a given moment. In addition, it will allow us to continue serving our communities near and far, by providing spaces and resources that foster conversation, combat ignorance, and advocate intelligent debate. Our pursuits are not always profitable ones, but we believe they are worthy beyond measure

As Hemon observed, “What makes the Co-op so great is that it is so unabashedly invested in the necessity of books. You can read that investment in the depth of reading choices, in the width of human interests the books cover, in the thoroughness of making sure no corner of the human mind is underrepresented. Because, as we know, books are manuals for being in the world.”


Thank you for sharing in this commitment.