Give a Gift to the Seminary Co-op

Give to the Seminary Co-op Bookstores, and help keep a vital cultural institution -- and the spirit of curiosity it fosters -- alive for generations to come.

In June 2016, I sent a letter to Co-op members that attempted to articulate both the qualities that make our institution unique and worthy of preservation, as well as the ways that those same qualities work against us in making ends meet financially. I received hundreds of replies from Co-op supporters all over the world, more than a few of which suggested that we begin accepting financial contributions. After much thought, and in conjunction with a number of other initiatives that, at least in part, had their origin in responses to that letter, we are introducing an option to make financial contributions to the Co-op.

Gifts to the Co-op will allow us to continue serving our communities near and far, by providing spaces and resources that foster conversation, combat ignorance, and advocate intelligent debate. From stocking books you won't find anywhere else to hosting hundreds of free events each year, and from publishing original content from top scholars on our blog to working with local schools to advance literacy and assist educators, our pursuits are not always profitable ones, but we believe they are worthy beyond measure. Thank you for sharing in this commitment.

Jeff Deutsch
Director, Seminary Co-op Bookstores