Good Housekeeping Home Skills

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Good Housekeeping Home Skills
A practical and attractive handbook with more than 850 essential life skills to get anything done faster and easier

The editors and scientists at Good Housekeeping and its lab, the Good Housekeeping Institute, share genius solutions and trusted, expert advice in this how-to guide to making life simpler. With chapters on the kitchen, organizing and cleaning, decorating, home maintenance, outdoor living, and entertaining and celebrating, this go-to resource offers step-by-step illustrated instructions, inspiring photos and sometimes surprising but always practical guidance to get things done. Plus, you'll save time and money and even have fun along the way.

The 850+ skills include how to

  • Store and make your own spice mixes
  • Clean your house in 15 minutes
  • Seal a drafty window
  • Remove water rings from your tables
  • Perk up a grocery-store bouquet
  • Sew a button
  • Plant an outdoor herb garden (and keep herbs fresh after they are picked!)
  • Make the perfect boiled egg
  • Uncork champagne
  • Cure a hangover and so much more!
  • QR codes throughout the pages offer additional lessons and video instruction. Whatever home means to you, this book is brimming with invaluable know-how to keep your home in tip-top shape and to help you inject more fun and flair into your every day.

    Publication Date: 
    March 15, 2022