Graph Theory : Favorite Conjectures and Open Problems-1

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Graph Theory : Favorite Conjectures and Open Problems-1

Highly Irregular (G. Chartrand).- Hamiltonian Extension (P. Zhang).- On Some Open Questions for Ramsey and Folkman Numbers (S. Radziszowski and X. Xu).- All my favorite conjectures are critical(T. Haynes).- The local representation of graph conjecture(E. Scheinerman).- Some of My Favorite Coloring Problems for Graphs and Digraphs (J. Gimble).- My Top 10 Favorite Conjectures and Open Problems(S. Hedetniemi).- Chvátal's t0-tough conjecture (L. Lesniak).- What do Trees and Hypercubes have in Common (H. Mulder).- Two chromatic conjectures: one for vertices, one for edges (M. Kayll).- Some Conjectures and Questions in Chromatic Topological Graph Theory (J. Hutchinson).- Turan's Brick factory problem (L. Szekely). -It is all labeling (P. Slater).- My Favorite Domination Conjectures (M. Henning).- Circuit Double Covers of Graphs (C. Zhang).

Publication Date: 
June 23, 2018