The Green Psalter:Resources for an Ecological Spirituality

The Green Psalter:Resources for an Ecological Spirituality
Concern for the earth and biblical faith have had an uneasy relationship: ecological theologians have often cited biblical themes of dominion or "mastery" over the land as contributing to our present environmental crisis. Walker-Jones explores Psalm genres and important metaphors in the Psalms for earth, the environment, and living things, while tracing their influence in contemporary culture, for example in recent films. He shows that the Psalms, like the earth that is our home - can be dangerous but also provide wonderful resources for life. 1. "Like a Tree Planted": Wisdom and Torah Psalms 2. "God, My Rock": Individual Laments 3. Making Peace with Leviathan: Community Laments 4. Creation and Its Importance 5. Hymns and Liberation 6. Let Earth Rejoice: Ecojustice in Hymns
Publication Date: 
March 1, 2009