Gregg's Italian Family Cookbook

Gregg's Italian Family Cookbook
100 mouthwatering Italian classics, prepared as they have been by generations of Italian families.
For Italians, food is not just about recipes, it's a way of life. Taking the time to shop, cook and eat - even argue - together teaches us to make time for each other, forget our work and worries and immerse ourselves in the pleasures of taste, touch and smell.
Britain's favourite foodie has fallen in love with Italian cuisine, and through the traditions of his new Italian in-laws, Gregg Wallace has developed 100 recipes of satisfying, authentic Italian fare. From spaghetti a la vongole to Tuscan bread soup, oven-baked chicken with artichoke to fried courgette flowers, Gregg shares the recipes he has learned, laughed and argued about with his new family, so that we all can have a slice of Italian tradition in our homes.
Brought to life with stunning photography on location in the Tuscan countryside.
Publication Date: 
September 3, 2019