Grounds for Possible Music : On Gender, Voice, Language, and Identity

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Gender, voice, language and identity are particularly pertinent topics for musical creation--for the shaping of a canon, and for interactions in the field. All four are strongly contextually determined, and necessarily raise issues of paradigms and otherness.

In Grounds for Possible Music, these four core notions serve as a set of lenses permitting different perspectives on one another. Some 20 sound artists, whose work varies in form, strategy and language, and in sub-fields within the sound arts, explore these questions--among them Antye Greie, Andrea Parkins, Aurélie Lierman, Bonnie Jones, Cathy Lane, Susanne Kirchmayr, Felicity Ford, Heimo Lattner, Jaume Ferrete Vázquez, Judith Laub and Marc Matter.

Publication Date: 
July 24, 2018