Heads Up Sociology

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Heads Up Sociology
Why does racism exist? Is Big Brother watching us? Why are women paid less than men? Investigate society's hidden truths, from gender and identity politics to consumer culture with this insightful guide.

Sociology is the study of how societies are organized and what helps them function or go wrong. Heads Up Sociology explores a range of curious social phenomena, including poverty and class status, white-collar crime, religious beliefs, and internet anxieties.

The book helps readers see themselves and their communities in the context of a larger, globalized world. Fascinating biographies offer insight into the lives and work of key researchers such as Karl Marx, Judith Butler, and Howard Becker, while well-illustrated case studies and real-life scenarios bring their ideas to life. Stunning infographics further explain the ebb and flow of power in society.

Heads Up Sociology is the ultimate tool to help you get to grips with sociology in time for exams and is an essential read for anyone keen to ask the big questions about the world we live in today.

Publication Date: 
January 16, 2018