Herman Hertzberger : Lessons for Students in Architecture

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Herman Hertzberger : Lessons for Students in Architecture
Lessons for Students in Architecture, written by Dutch architect and educator Herman Hertzberger (born 1932), was first published in 1991 as an elaborated version of lectures Hertzberger had given since 1973 at Delft University of Technology. Since its first edition, the book has become a classic for students the world over; this immensely successful volume has gone through many reprints and has also been published in Japanese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Taiwanese, Dutch, Greek, Chinese, French, Polish and Persian. This new edition brings the classic book back into print.

Lessons for Students in Architecture features Hertzberger putting the background to his work and the ideas underlying it into his own words, as he presents a broad spectrum of subjects and designs, with his practical experience and his evaluation of the use of these buildings serving as a leitmotif. More than 750 illustrations give a broad insight into Hertzberger's "library" and a stimulating impression of the influences and sources of inspiration for one of the Netherlands' major postwar architects. Rather than supplying the reader with design recipes, Hertzberger's Lessons for Students in Architecture provides an essential source of inspiration to anyone interested in the architectural design process.

Publication Date: 
February 28, 2017