Hidden Alliances

Hidden Alliances

The overlooked history of women in avant-garde electronic music, from Éliane Radigue to Electric Indigo

In the late 1990s, alarmed at the lack of research or information about female electronic musicians in the avant-garde, the Swiss composer, artist and musician Elisabeth Schimana (born 1958) began a decades-long project of searching out these practitioners, culminating in her foundation of the Institute for Media Archaeology.

Hidden Alliances draws on her research, profiling 25 female artists and their work--including Maryanne Amacher, Beatriz Ferreyra, Heidi Grundmann, Electric Indigo, Anne La Berge, Éliane Radigue, Elisabeth Schimana, Andrea Sodomka, Liesl Ujvary, Rebekah Wilson and others.

This illustrated volume offers an alternative history of the creation and development of electronic music, opening up the possibility for alternate readings of the present and future of avant-garde music.

Publication Date: 
March 3, 2020