Hidden Resources : Classical Perspectives on Subjectivity

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Dan Zahavi, the editor of this collection, heads the Center for Subjectivity Research, at the University of Copenhagen. The essays reflect the interests of the Center and seek to address the following issue: To what extent can the current discussion of consciousness in mainstream cognitive science and analytical philosophy of mind profit from insights drawn from the investigations of subjectivity found in the Kantian and post-Kantian tradition (Kant, Schleiermacher, Kierkegaard) as well as in the phenomenological and hermeneutical tradition? The contributions include some that are philosophical, while others relate to issues in empirical science, such as psychopathology, cognitive neuroscience, and developmental psychology. Contributors include Andrew Brook, John Drummond, Shaun Gallagher, Arne Groen, Josef Parnas, Peter Poellner, Sonja Rinofner-Kreidl, Louis Sass, Dieter Teichert and Dan Zahavi.

Publication Date: 
November 1, 2004