The Homestead Planner & Logbook: Record All Your Important Information for Easy, One-Stop Reference

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Easily keep track of the work you've put into your homestead or small farm - or figure out the work you need to put into it - with the help of this convenient planner.

Having a hard time keeping the maintenance schedules straight for your machinery? How about your water records and soil-test data? Your crop or livestock records? Ideal for homesteaders and small farmers working anything from 2 to 40 acres, The HomesteadPlanner & Logbook provides one place to record and organize all the information that you should have readily available.

Specially developed logbook pages cover several categories, including:

-Electrical Service
-Water and Septic
-and more!

Why not just use a blank notebook? Because this volume, in addition to including journal templates developed specifically for each of the topics covered, also includes practical advice for every aspect of your homestead. Plus, two large pockets provide places to store receipts, warranties, and other documents, so you won't have to scramble the next time you need them!

Publication Date: 
November 1, 2016