Horace & Agnes : A Love Story

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A whimsical giftbook that captures the love story of Horace and Agnes, an unlikely pair but a perfect partnership, told in an extraordinary collection of photographs and accompanying narrative.

Horace is a horse, and Agnes is a squirrel, though there are no boundaries when it comes to true love and genuine companionship. Bursting with color, style, and humor, this is the photographic journal of Horace and Agnes's romance, and their life of simple pleasures--walks on the beach, jigsaw puzzles, quick getaways to Las Vegas, visits with relatives, festive parties, and quiet nights at home. In a series of self-portraits created by photographer Asia Kepka, we follow Horace and Agnes through their highs and their lows with spectacular detail and charm. Originally exhibited at Boston's Griffin Museum of Photography in 2014, Kepka's pictures reveal her meticulous eye for mid-century art direction, props, and wardrobe, and coauthor Lynn Dowling writes in effortlessly witty, affecting prose. Hailed by the Boston Globe as "Beatrix Potter joining forces with Ozzie and Harriett," this is a valentine of a book for all ages and seasons.

Publication Date: 
November 15, 2016