A masterpiece of literary reportage, Hunger offers a critical global overview of the causes of mass starvation and the gross inadequacy of our response.

Each day 25,000 men, women, and children die of hunger or malnutrition. Never in the entire history of humanity has any plague, epidemic, or war taken such a toll. And yet there is no lack of food: our planet is groaning under the weight of its overproduction, and trade continues apace.

How can this paradox be investigated and presented without degenerating into a mere list of statistics? Martin Caparros answers this question by telling the stories of the people he has encountered--from Niger to Bangladesh, from the Sudan to Madagascar, from the USA to Argentina, from India to Spain--making them come alive on the page. In the process, he gives us a staggering sense of what we have done wrong by trying to do right, and by letting greed, sloppiness, and lack of vision take over an issue that should have been solved long ago.

Publication Date: 
November 14, 2017