The Hypothetical Man

The Hypothetical Man
The Hypothetical Man is a darkly humorous collection of stories featuring an assortment of anonymous characters A, B, and S. They work either undercover at an amusement park in Illinois or at a secret government facility that would prefer not to be named. They attend a freewheeling sales meeting with death masks on the wall. Some raise pigs, others race goats. One lives in a suburban home where he watches his wife with another man. They are, together, misled, misunderstood, and mistaken often, but their pursuit of answers never ends.

Paul Maliszewski is the author of Fakers and Prayer and Parable. His work has appeared in Harper's, Granta, Bookforum, The Paris Review, and Bomb. He lives in Washington, DC.

James Wagner is the author of Thrown: poems to paintings with Bracha L. Ettinger, Work Book, Trilce, and the false sun recordings. He lives in California.

Publication Date: 
November 5, 2019