If You Had a Jetpack, storybook

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If You Had a Jetpack, storybook
A fun and creative answer to the question what would YOU do if you had a jetpack? perfect for fans of Boy and Bot and How to Train a Train.

Having a jetpack is fun--if you know what to do with one.

If you had a jetpack, you could:
- Teach your brother how to build one too.
- Demonstrate its usefulness at Show and Share Time at school.
- Give your principal a ride home.
- Fly south to visit your nana.
- Visit the astronauts on the space station and help with anything that needed fixing.
Join one inventive little rabbit as he and his brother put their new jetpack to good use!

An energetic, crowd-pleasing read-aloud that can be revisited again and again.--SLJ

This vivid picture book will leave kids longing for jetpacks, while taking off on their own flights of fancy.--Booklist

Publication Date: 
April 24, 2018

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