The Iliad

A dramatic retelling of Homer's classic tale The Iliad, with a gorgeous new gift-edition cover from Sandhya Prabhat.

When Helen is kidnapped by Paris, a Trojan prince, the Greek army lays siege to Troy. The Iliad tells of the nine-year war for revenge, thrillingly recounting the fierce battles between both armies' greatest warriors. This dramatic retelling of Homer's epic story retains all the excitement of the original.

Nick McCarty's fast-paced, lyrical retelling is perfectly pitched for grades 4 and above, while the evocative black-and-white artworks by legendary historical illustrator Victor Ambrus bring the dramatic tale to thrilling life.

Kingfisher Epics are action-packed retellings of classic tales and legends, with all the exhilaration and immediacy of their original versions. Magnificent illustrations bring the heroic deeds depicted in these stories dramatically to life. These stories have enthralled readers for centuries, and Kingfisher Epics make them accessible to a new generation of children.

Publication Date: 
November 8, 2022