Immigration Stories from Madison and Milwaukee High Schools: Green Card Youth Voices

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"Green Card Youth Voices: Immigration Stories from Madison and Milwaukeee High Schools" is a collection of thirty personal essays, and accompanying video narratives, written by students attending James Madison Memorial and Pulaski High Schools. In their own voices, these students from twenty two countries describe their childhoods, reasons for leaving, first impressions of this land, and dreams of how they will contribute to it. These digital and written stories highlight the resilience and courage of these new Americans as they face tremendous adversity to be a part of this country. From classrooms to book clubs, from the individual interested in learning more about his immigrant neighbor to the business owner looking to understand her employees and business partners, this book is an important resource for all Americans. The included video links, glossary, maps, and study guide add a multimedia dimension to this already dynamic collection.
Publication Date: 
September 3, 2019