Imports of Post-Archaic Greek Pottery into Cyrenaica: From the end of the Archaic to the beginning o

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This study is an important contribution to the knowledge of the published (and much un-published) fifth- and fourth-century BC pottery imported into Cyrenaica (present day Libya), and especially into the region's great cities of Cyrene, Apollonia, Ptolemais, Barka, and Berenice/Euhesperides. The volume sheds great light on the historical relationship between Cyrenaica and the rest of the Greek world in terms of trade and agriculture, civil and domestic life, and myth, cult and religious practices (including references to the ever-fascinating 'Garden of the Hesperides' and accounts of the Panathenaean Festivals). A full catalogue and 160 plates of photographs (of superb and rare vessels from Libya and great collections from Europe and the US) are central to Dr Elrashedy's study, providing a significant resource for future reference.

Publication Date: 
April 25, 2002