Incredible Eggs: Egg Selection & Use, Plus 50 Egg-citing Recipes

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Incredible Eggs: Egg Selection & Use, Plus 50 Egg-citing Recipes
From scrambled to soufflés and everything in between, the versatile, delicious, and protein-packed egg is one of the world's most widely consumed and produced foods. Whether the basis of a simple breakfast, an ingredient in a delicious dessert, or a flavorful addition to a gastronomic feast, eggs are everywhere. In addition to presenting fifty fabulous recipes, this colorful and informative volume offers egg facts and folklore from an ensemble of eggs-perts, including farmers and foodies.


-A guide to the different types of eggs and what you need to know when buying eggs from the grocery store or farm.

-The facts about the nutritional benefits of eggs and how to include eggs as part of a healthy diet.

-Fun alternative uses for this barnyard and kitchen favorite.

-Innovative recipes from the everyday to the gourmet, featuring eggs in every meal plus an assortment of appetizers and desserts.

-How to bake sweet and savory treats, such as French toast and old-fashioned dinner rolls, with eggs.

-Egg-citing international recipes, including Spanish tortilla, Greek chicken lemon soup, and Korean bibimbap.

Publication Date: 
August 25, 2015