Midrash on Psalms

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Midrash on Psalms
The Midrash is a succession of homilies concerned with the recurrence or comparison of words and situations in the Scriptures as a means of bringing forth their contents. Compiled by Jewish rabbis since 200 A. D., its subject matter is enormous. Characteristically, The Midrash on Psalms deals with varying matters, from the radishes and cucumbers served at the table of a Roman ruler to the prayer which God, the King of Kings, directs to Himself.
This first English translation of The Midrash on Psalms presents a wealth of clarifying and profound observation on the meaning of one of the most familiar and frequently quoted Books of the Bible.
Yale Judaica Series, Volume 13. William G. Braude is Rabbi of the Congregation Sons of Israel and David, Providence, Rhode Island.
Publication Date: 
September 10, 1959