Works of Samuel Johnson, Vol 10: Political Writings

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Works of Samuel Johnson, Vol 10: Political Writings
Public and private morality as focus in writings of Samuel Johnson

Given Samuel Johnson's lifelong concern with problems of human morality, it is not surprising--in an age when such writers as Defoe, Swift, Pope, Goldsmith, and Burke were highly politically conscious--to find Johnson frequently turning to matters of both public and private morality.

Donald J. Greene presents a collection of Johnson's writings with a political emphasis: his early anti-Walpolian pamphlets Marmor Norfolciense and A Complete Vindication of the Licensers of the Stage, and various journalistic squibs; an abridgment of the debate on the offer of the Crown to Oliver Cromwell; the articles on the Seven Years' War and related matters, such as the notorious trial and execution of Admiral Byng; and the four pamphlets of the 1770s--The False Alarm, Thoughts on . . . Falkland's Islands, The Patriot, and Taxation No Tyranny. An introduction addresses Johnson's politics, and full annotation provides historical context.

Publication Date: 
September 10, 1977