Psychology of C. G. Jung: 1973 Edition (English)

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Psychology of C. G. Jung: 1973 Edition (English)
Dr. Jung never took time out from his pioneering work in psychology to make a concise presentation of the elements of his psychological theories. Dr. Jacobi's synthesis, which Jung applauds in his Foreword, offers the reader a comprehensive review of the central content of his system by a student and colleague who worked closely with him for many years.

For this definitive, new edition, Jolande Jacobi has written a new introduction and revised the footnotes to refer to the complete works of C.G. Jung. The book also includes the complete bibliography of the many journal articles and books written by Jung during his long and productive lifetime. There are eight color plates among the "pictures from the unconscious" and other illustrations which give a better idea of the intrapsychic process than can be conveyed in words.

Publication Date: 
September 10, 1973