Science Since Babylon: Enlarged Edition (Enl)

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Science Since Babylon: Enlarged Edition (Enl)

An eye-opening work for anyone concerned with the humanistic understanding of science

"Enlightening reading for the scientist and non-scientist alike."--Times Educational Supplement

"Provides the opportunity to read, or re-read, some of Price's most noteworthy essays and to once more reflect on the urgencies of a reasoned science policy for the U.S."--Intellect

This timely classic investigates the circumstances and consequences of certain vital decisions relating to scientific crises that have brought the world to its present state of scientific and technological development. It calls for a completely new range of studies to take its place in the territory between the humanities and the sciences.

Derek deSolla Price documents his study with accounts of his own researches in his specific fields of interest, relating them to the "crises" which he believes to be of paramount importance. This enlarged edition offers a broad range of material, from ancient automata, talismans and symbols, to the differences of modern science and technology.

Publication Date: 
September 10, 1975