Horse of Pride: Life in a Breton Village (Revised)

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Horse of Pride: Life in a Breton Village (Revised)
"A marvelous chronicle of Breton lives and life, seen largely through the eyes of a child grown old, remembering how it used to be, in the years between the two world wars. The memoirs are magnificent. . . . The affectionate and touching portraits are not just of one family. . . . but of a whole people. . . . Like that faintly sweet, strong apple liqueur, this book should be savored slowly-set aside and picked up again, chapters read and re-read."-Neil Pickett, The New Republic "A rich and moving memoir. . . . We can see why this book won acclaim and a prize in France; it should win our hearts here too."-Robert Kirsch, Los Angeles Times "A marvelous book."-Audrey C. Foote, Washington Post Book World "A landmark in the art of storytelling. Read it aloud; some passages will bring a catch to your voice. The superb translation by June Guicharnaud echoes the rhythms and tones of spoken language."-Gloria Levitas, The New York Times Book Review "The Horse of Pride is solid, detailed, and satisfying, like Breton crochet lace. . . . It speaks to the heart. That is the language beyond language."-Naomi Bliven, The New Yorker "A book lovely in every respect; a jewel."-Edmund Fuller, The Wall Street Journal
Publication Date: 
September 1, 1980