Japanese Company (Revised)

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Japanese Company (Revised)
By most expectations Japan and the Japanese should be facing poverty and anarchy. Yet they don't. Japan works. Probing how and why it works has become a subject of great fascination in the U.S. for obvious reasons. Now comes [this] first-rate study that provides a particularly useful perspective on that subject....Mr. Clark has written an excellent analysis [of the Japanese company] that should stand the tests of time and competition to become a definitive work in the genre.--Mike Tharp, The wall Street Journal
Rodney Clark's The Japanese Company illustrates how this interesting economic organism works, and in the process separates a number of myths from reality....Detailed and analytical, ...[his] account of the differences between Japanese and American companies bears careful reading.--Frank B. Gibney, The New York Times Book Review
Highly recommended for general readers as well as specialists.--Library Journal
A splendid book indeed.--Asia
Publication Date: 
September 10, 1981