Design of Life (Revised)

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Design of Life (Revised)
Nobel laureate Renato Dulbecco presents a fascinating overview of the current state of information about life processes, ranging from the characteristics and activities of DNA to sexuality, practical aspects of genetics, communication between cells and between organisms, and the effects of drugs on the brain. He concludes with a provocative discussion of biology and human affairs in which he poses questions about brain programming and its relationship to accountability, freedom of choice, and the future.

An impressive overview of contemporary molecular biology. . . . Dulbecco leads us through virtually all of the exciting currents of recent research, from the origin of life to the biological significance of sexuality, from the most elementary evolutionary concepts to the design of the brain.--Joshua Lederberg, American Society for Microbiology News

Should be of interest to general readers who want to understand the developments that have taken place in biology during the past 30 years as well as to specialists in the field who want to learn more about Dulbecco's perspective.--American Scientist

People [will] enjoy reading and learning about the thread of life in the cell, the mating habits of the bowerbird in New Guinea [and] of the grunion in California, the problem of AIDS, and so on. Read it, enjoy it and learn from it.--David Hall, New Scientist

An excellent resource book for students who have difficulty in understanding the terminology of modern molecular biology; also recommended as a resource to any biologist who has struggled to try to make the discipline comprehensible to the nonscientist.--Choice
Publication Date: 
September 10, 1990