Theoretical Perspectives on Sexual Difference (Revised)

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Theoretical Perspectives on Sexual Difference (Revised)
No issue has been more central to the American women's movement than sexual difference. In this outstanding book, leading scholars in history, philosophy, law, literary theory, biology, sociology, psychology, political science, and anthropology offer a unique study of the nature, origins, and consequences of sexual difference. The distinguished contributors to this volume include Carl Degler, Nancy Chodorow, Barrie Thorne, and Catharine MacKinnon "A superb anthology of consistently valuable, terse, original essays. Each essay is worth reading on its own, but the multidisciplinary whole is even more than the sum of its parts, displaying the range, verve, and healthy internal conflicts within feminist scholarship as it now enters its third decade."-Nancy F. Cott, Stanley Woodward Professor of American Studies and History, Yale University "An outstanding collection that promises to become a classic."-Cynthia Fuchs Epstein, author of Deceptive Distinctions: Sex, Gender, and the Social Order
Publication Date: 
February 19, 1992