Jewish Preaching, 1200-1800: An Anthology (Revised)

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Jewish Preaching, 1200-1800: An Anthology (Revised)

This anthology of largely unknown medieval and early modern Jewish sermons provides an introduction to a neglected area of Jewish creativity, one that gives insights into the central intellectual issues, spiritual movements, and communal centers during six critical centuries of Jewish experience. The sermons, presented here in their entirety, have been translated, annotated, and introduced by Marc Saperstein, who also provides a discussion of the historical background of the sermons, their context, and their relationship to Hebrew literature.

"A scholarly masterpiece and an intellectual tour de force that must be read by anybody with a serious interest in Jewish studies or the art of preaching."--Howard Adelman, Shofar

"This splendid and interesting collection, a description true of all the Yale Judaica, is richly documented."--Thomas L. Shaffer, Christian Legal Society Quarterly

"A work of profound scholarship, it is also a pleasure to read."--Choice

"Jewish Preaching offers the reader an exceptional overview of many different and fascinating aspects of Jewish history, culture and theology."--Yaakov Ort, Wellsprings

"Marc Saperstein's careful and detailed translations and annotations, and his cogent introductory essay, are examples of scholarship at its highest level, and should serve to secure the place of this body of literature in the field of Jewish studies."--Present Tense/Joel H. Caviour Literary Award, 1990

"A goundbreaking work of exquisite scholarship that truly points the way for others to follow."--David E. Fass, American Rabbi

Winner of the 1990 National Jewish Book Award in the cateogry of Jewish Thought given by the Jewish Book Council

Publication Date: 
July 29, 1992