Iranian Mojahedin

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Iranian Mojahedin
In this book, a leading authority on Iranian political parties offers the first history of the Mojahedin, a little-known radical group that was instrumental in bringing the Ayatollah Khomeini to power but that now constitutes the main opposition to his Islamic Republic. Drawing on all available sources-including interviews with past and present members of the Mojahedin-Ervand Abrahamian traces their organization from the 1960s to the present. "[This] book is important and useful not only because it is the first in English on its subject, but also because . . . it is objective. . . . [I]ts approach is thoughtful, fresh and independent, being to Islam more or less what liberation theology is to Christianity."-Economist "Abrahamian's commentary on Ali Shariati and his relationship to the Mojahedin is a unique and impressive achievement. . . . Radical Islam is a learned, lucid and cogent piece of Iranian history. . . . The book is must reading for all experts and observers interested in the politics of the Islamic Revolution and the role of Iran's political culture."-Mansour Farhang, Middle East Report "The result is one of the best of so many books about Iran today."-A. R. H. Kellas, Asian Affairs "This is the most objective and comprehensive study available of the important Iranian movement."-Anthony Hyman, International Affairs
Publication Date: 
November 18, 1992